vanderwesben GmbH

Welcome to vanderwesben GmbH!

Vanderwesben GmbH offers consultation and assorted services for small to medium sized businesses in the tourism and retail business sectors. The company has been active since 1. July 2012 and has its headquarters in Dallenwil, canton Nidwalden. The firm was founded in December 2011 in Aarwangen, canton Bern.

Vanderwesben GmbH aims to help small and medium sized businesses to continue to develop in a sustainable manner, especially in the marketing, sales and communications sectors.

Our clients

Vanderwesben GmbH’s clients include small and medium sized businesses, family businesses, traditional businesses, start-up companies as well as clubs and organisations connected with tourism and retail business.

Company philosophy

People are our focus. Mutual trust and respect form the basis of cooperation between client and partners as well as vanderwesben GmbH. Our fundamental characteristics are quality, innovation and the best service possible. Our firm is sustainably managed.